What's the Deal with the Rolling Stone Lips

What's the Deal with the Rolling Stone Lips

They could be Icon lips

It may very well be that I wasn’t completed in the Rolling Stones days. I mean I appreciated their music and think they were great artist and Mick Jaggers moves, well need I say more? Anyway, the one thing I never quite understood is the whole lips thing. Does anyone know the deal with the lips?

It could have literally been pure chance. They definitely are kind of cool and certainly memorable. In fact, you can even say that they are Icon lips, I mean if lips could be Icons the infamous Rolling Stones lips would certainly be worthy of Icon status.

For many years, I had always thought that those lips were symbolic. To be more precise, I thought they might symbolize Mick Jaggers lips. Of course, that’s only speculation as there’s nothing anywhere that actually confirms or denies that possibility.

I think the possibility for a answer to this is to rely on the knowledge of a fan who was lucky enough to experience the Rolling Stones in their day. To me that’s the only certain possibility and even then it’s still only a possibility. In truth I could very well have put way too much thought into those bright red lips.

Those lips could just as easily be a simple piece of art that became famous for no other reason than they were cool at the time. If so, well I’d have to agree they were and still are cool. They’re at the very least popular and well known enough to instantly be connected to the Rolling Stones.