The Rolling Stones Urinals - Sexists? I Don't Think So

The Rolling Stones Urinals - Sexists? I Don't Think So

they're just really colorful, imaginative toilets

I’m sure by now you have stumbled across the article discussing the outrage of the Rolling Stones lip urinals. These articles have been the basis for a few questions regarding whether or not the urinals are sexist. Personally I think the articles do more harm than the urinals.

To begin with, they were done in fun. The red lips of the Rolling Stones are a classic connection to the Rolling Stones. The urinals are placed in a Rolling Stones memorabilia museum and are just part of music legend. Unfortunately not everyone sees it that way and several German women want them taken out.

The point here is that women can become disrespected. I’m a woman and I don’t really feel disrespected at least not by the Rolling Stones urinals. They are a connection to music history, a creative version of pop culture and really nothing else.

Since the original article came out there have been many articles that have questioned whether or not they are sexist. Most men in general are very careful to make sure that they aren’t being sexists and this article is causing men to question themselves again, through no fault of their own. Considering that men try their best, maybe they should just be given a break, let them enjoy their music memorabilia.

In my own way I find this entire ordeal to be embarrassing. Not the urinals, the reaction that the urinals received. It just makes woman sound like they’re once again screaming about not being treated fairly.