Rolling Stones No Spare Parts Video - beyond the Expected

Rolling Stones No Spare Parts Video - beyond the Expected


I just finished watching the Rolling Stones newest video No Spare Parts and am left in a whirlwind of thought. I can honestly say that there hasn’t ever been a music video that has left me at such a point of contemplation. Leave it to the Rolling Stones to be the ones that create a piece of work that lingers beyond the last musical note.

This new video is an artistic masterpiece that blends music and life into perfect harmony. It flashes scenes of the Rolling Stones in concert, the Rolling Stones on the road traveling and key news related images and headlines. At the end of the video it displays a single banner announcing, “The Rolling Stones are Back.”

That single statement following the surrealism of the video is almost a contrast. It’s obvious that this video was an announcement promoting the return of the Rolling Stones, though the feel of the video seems like so much more than an announcement.

The way that the individual scenes were intertwined together was more like flashbacks of their lives. It was similar to how you would imagine a person looking back at the amazing life they lived. It was almost as if instead of announcing their return they were actually saying “goodbye, we had an amazing life, remember us as we will remember you.” It’s actually an announcement of their return, so it’s obvious that they weren’t saying goodbye. This video is thought provoking and even emotional to some degree, most of all its classic Rolling Stones.