Rolling Stones 50 Year Anniversary Book

Rolling Stones 50 Year Anniversary Book

What about the 50 year tour?

Rolling Stone fans are still waiting for that 50 year anniversary tour announcement, that announcement remains elusive. There is an upcoming 50 year anniversary announcement for a new book titled, The Rolling Stones: 50. The anniversary book will be released on July 12th, exactly 50 years after the Rolling Stones walked on stage for the first time in London at the Marquee Club.

This book certainly isn’t a tour, though in many ways it may offer more than a tour can give. Fans can cherish the Rolling Stones anniversary book for years to come. The book will contain select photographs, illustrations and Rolling Stones inspired text. Owning a copy of this book gives fans a historical account of the Rolling Stones from the early years up to present day.

So does this mean that there will be no Rolling Stones 50 year anniversary tour? I certainly hope that isn’t the case, yet there still isn’t a confirmed announcement. There are plenty of rumors here and there yet still nothing concrete.

It would certainly be a huge disappointment if a tour isn’t in the making and completely out of the Rolling Stones image. After all they are one of the most toured bands and one of the few that have actually managed to stay together for 50 years. They may be holding off to the last minute either as a publicity stunt or for some sort of sadistic pleasure, knowing that fans across world are waiting in torment for the official Rolling Stones 50 year anniversary tour announcement.