Rolling Stone Album Art

Rolling Stone Album Art

My top three picks

The Rolling Stones like many other rock bands have created numerous albums. I have always believe that in addition to great music and the ability to just rock it, the artistic thought that goes in to the album art is an important aspect of album popularity. If the album looks boring or stupid it probably won’t be bought and never be heard by many people that should be part of the target audience, so for this post I’m going to share with you my favorite Rolling Stone album covers.

The album cover to the Beggars Banquet is absolutely great. There’s something about a graffiti covered bathroom stall that just screams rock show. Even beyond that is the raunchiness of the bathroom stall that they chose. Many people included myself would’ve walked out of the way to avoid that stall for fear of incurable disease covered germs.

I came across the original album cover to goats head soup which is both interesting and colorful. I especially like that this album cover was replaced and therefore makes the original rare. Considering the time of 1973 when this album would have been released, I can only assume the cover had to be released due to animal endangerment issues or Satanism. Kind of strange I know but then hey it was the seventies, go figure.

I just had to add the album cover for the Rolling Stone Live Licks album. It’s just really kind of funny and attention grabbing all at the same time. If you can grab attention and make people laugh at the same time I’m certain that an upcoming sale is in the near future, the hot cartoon girl probably doesn’t hurt either.