Q&A Request - Can you contact the Rolling Stones?

Q&A Request - Can you contact the Rolling Stones?

An answer to a recent request.

I was recently asked “if you can send original music to the Rolling Stones?” I thought I would address that question in this week’s posts. Unfortunately there’s not a direct way to contact the Rolling Stones, however I have found a few Alternatives on Mick Jaggers contact page found at Top Synergy.

The easiest option is to contact Mick Jaggers agent or publicist. When you contact them just include a brief mention of your purpose. In this case you can add that you have an original song that you would like to forward to the Rolling Stones. This may actually be an even better route, you never know they may hear what you have sent and get in touch with you. One thing to keep in mind is that it may take a while before you hear back so you’ll want to be patient.

Mick Jaggers agent is Alix Gucovsky with Special Artist Agency. You can make contact through mail at 9465 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 890 Beverly Hills, CA 90212. If you prefer to use a telephone to get more information or even make an appointment you can call 310-854-8100.

Visiting Micks page at Top Synergy will also provide you with the address and telephone number to his publicists. Considering that this is music based you’ll probably want to contact his agent opposed to his publicists.  His publicists would however be a good option for anyone in search of possible interviews or exclusives. Hopefully this information can be helpful.

Remember, if you have a question about the Rolling Stones or any Rolling Stones band member leave me a question and I’ll either answer it in the comments or I may choose to answer it through a follow-up posts.