Keith Richards Receives the Norman Mailer Award for Life

Keith Richards Receives the Norman Mailer Award for Life

Congrats Keith you Deserve it


It isn’t often that Keith Richards gets to step up on to center Stage, in fact you’ve probably even felt the slight bitterness that Keith Richards has spouted during many of Mick Jagger’s accomplishments. So it pleases me anytime I can acknowledge Keith Richards for a great accomplishment and today it just so happens that I can. If you’ve read the recent release of Life an autobiography by Keith Richards then you’ll understand how deserving Keith Richards is of his recent acceptance of the Norman Mailer Award.


Richards’s acceptance speech was both appreciative and light. An articulate task, which I am certain only Keith could have pulled off. The Norman Mailer Award was handed out by the 42nd United States president Bill Clinton, certainly quite an honor.

So, is Keith Richards off to a new career path? I wouldn’t disregard that possibility, time will only shine light on that mystery. For now Keith will continue to play music with his other Rolling Stones band members. He may possibly even start up some jam sessions with current Rolling Stone members and past members who are no longer part of the legendary Rolling Stones, though played a contribution in their time.

Hopefully we’ll see not only some new music but also another book or two to follow. Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for Keith Richards. In the meantime, we can just hope that Keith Richards keeps on writing and with all of the Rolling Stones, he keeps on rocking.