Keith Richards Blood Myth Busted

Keith Richards Blood Myth Busted

The mind of Keith Richards is what always led him to drugs not his blood

One of the strangest Rolling Stones myths is that of Keith Richards replacing his blood to kick his old Heroin habit once and for all. I’m not sure what’s stranger the actual myth or the fact that people believed it. I’m here to say once and for all the myth is just that a myth, it’s 100% false.

First off let me just start by saying, really? Really guys? I mean come on, I really love chocolate and there have been times that I’m not proud of where I indulged in my chocolate a bit too much. I’m certain that replacing my blood wouldn’t take away my desire for chocolate no more than it would have taken away Keith Richards desire for his old friend H.

Keith Richards lived a hard life of drug addiction. It is that very life of drug addiction that led Keith Richards to being incapable of touring and in need of outside of the box medical care. This later led to the blood draining myth of Keith Richards. Keith had received a blood based treatment process. Though it wasn’t quite what the myth suggests.

In actuality, the treatment passed Keith’s blood through a pump and separated the toxins from his blood that were then diffused through dialysis fluid. This didn’t make Keith suddenly drug addiction free, it simply removed his toxins so that he could complete his tour. This was conducted in 1973 and as we know, Keith went on to indulge in many drugs beyond the year 1973, in fact the the Keith Richards photo chosen was taken in 1978 and he kind of looks beyond high to me.

This myth is officially busted.