Keith Richards Ages like the Rest of Us at Least in Theory

Keith Richards Ages like the Rest of Us at Least in Theory

Eye Surgery may be connected with age, yet his high energy is connected with youth

Keith Richards was back to receive treatment again, though this time it had nothing to do with his often borderline drug induced crazy lifestyle and everything to do with typical aging ailments. That’s right, Keith Richards is aging like everyone else. He recently had laser surgery to correct his vision problems.

The surgery took place in London before the Christmas holiday and Keith Richards has had a great recovery yet initially had to wear an eye patch, standard for laser eye surgery recovery.  All in all, Keith Richards has pulled through another medical treatment and has come out on top. There has yet to be anything that can keep this man down.

Keith has lived a life that would’ve killed most of us. He has had more drugs in his system than most people can even imagine, in which he fought a long and hard battle to overcome. He recently turned 68 years old, an old man to any standards yet he continues to run around full of energy as if he were a young man of 20 or 30.

In his own way he’s an inspiration. Maybe not in his younger days, however many including myself can only hope to have his energy as we enter the final stage of our lives. Most rock stars are beat up by the time they hit 68, if they’re even around by that time. We may never know how Keith managed to pull it off, what is known is that the mere fact of his existence proves that life doesn’t have to end in a rocking chair.