Keith Apologizes to Mick Jagger

Keith Apologizes to Mick Jagger

Could this mean that a tour will be announced soon?

Sometimes miracles do happen. Or at the very least we can all agree that occasionally something comes along that surprises us all. This week we can all experience surprise with the Rolling Stones.

As we have all come to realize, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger have had their ups and downs with one another. Following the book Life written by Keith Richards the rollercoaster relationship between the two Rolling Stones musicians quickly intensify, for good reason. There were quite a few things written in Life that didn’t quite place Mick Jagger in the best light, there are many things written that should have never been included, you can even say that Keith Richards went out of his way in a few passages to intentionally slam Mick Jagger.

Keith Richards has finally attempted peace. He has publicly made amends with Mick Jagger at least for his portrayal of Mick in his book. Whether or not he has went beyond his book and apologized for his actions and behavior of grudgingly dislike of Mick Jagger is still unknown, only time will tell. Hopefully this will clear the air between Keith and Mick.

This may even be the first step to that 50 year anniversary tour that we have all been waiting for. Could there be an elusive announcement in the near future? This just might be the slammed door that has delayed the tour announcement and we all just might be running out for tickets in the coming months. Of course this is all speculation so for now we can only keep our fingers crossed.