Is it the Clothes that Make the Man?

Is it the Clothes that Make the Man?

Or the Man that Makes the Clothes...

Mick Jagger has been known for many things; his voice, his high energy concerts, his moves and even his lips. One thing that I have always thought was overlooked is his style; he seemed to always pull off whatever he chose to wear. For this post I thought it would be fun and entertaining to highlight some of Mick Jagger's taste in clothing, the clothing that he so easily brought to life.

Mick Jagger was well known to appear on stage in studded lounge suits as the one pictured. They could be worn in any number of colors and often were. On some occasions he would show up with a matching top hat. It didn't matter if he wore blue, pink or purple the crowds still screamed at the pure masculinity that he poured out on stage before his audience.

Some of Mick Jagger's famous looks are his choice in overcoats. He would sometimes choose overcoats with specific designs, vibrant colors and or at times wear a fur overcoat, such as this leopard fur overcoat shown here. Some of Mick Jagger's overcoats are so famed that several auction sites are selling pictures with him wearing them; some autographed, some not.

The most well known look that Mick Jagger was associated with, was his suit jackets. These were either worn as a complete suit, or often worn with jeans. Not only was he known for wearing suit jackets, he was also known to wear extreme bright colors; much like his choice of bright pink in this picture.

Mick Jagger pulled off any outfit he chose, there's no question that it was he that made the clothes and not the clothes that the man.

What are some of your favorite Mick Jagger fashions?