Do you Know your Stones Trivia

Do you Know your Stones Trivia


The Rolling Stones are known for decades of great music. During the many years of making music together there have been the occasional moments that led way to one random fact or another. So that you can test and keep up on your Rolling Stones trivia, read on to discover a few random facts that you may not know or you may have just forgotten.



Mick Jagger is a Knight, in 2003 Prince Charles knighted Mick Jagger. Everyone seemed pleased with his new knighthood. In fact the only real objection to his knighthood came from Rolling Stones band member Keith Richards, claiming that Mick Jagger was a sell out to “the establishment”, I guess there’s a few sour grapes there.

Keith Richards caught the Playboy mansion on fire. Actually it was a dual contribution. Bobby keys and Keith Richards were interchanging random drugs in the Playboy Mansion bathroom when they manage to ignite the bathroom while in a drugged haze. This is one of many random facts told in Life, the Keith Richards autobiography.

In 1979 the Rolling Stones played a free benefit concert for the blind in Toronto. In actually it wasn't exactly for free, it was court ordered by Judge Lloyd Graburn following Keith Richards drug conviction. It was one of the most unique sentences ever handed down on a criminal case. 

Keith Richards in a strange act of mourning snorted his father. That’s right, he mixed his father’s ashes with a line of blow. In reference to this act, Keith states that his father went down well and he’s still alive

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