Keith Apologizes to Mick Jagger

Could this mean that a tour will be announced soon?

Sometimes miracles do happen. Or at the very least we can all agree that occasionally something comes along that surprises us all. This week we can all experience surprise with the Rolling Stones.

As we have all come to realize, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger have had their ups and downs with one another. Following the book Life written by Keith Richards the rollercoaster relationship between the two Rolling Stones musicians quickly intensify, for good reason. There were quite a few things written in Life that didn’t quite place Mick Jagger in the best light, there are many things written that should have never been included, you can even say that Keith Richards went out of his way in a few passages to intentionally slam Mick Jagger.

Keith Richards has finally attempted peace. He has publicly made amends with Mick Jagger at least for his portrayal of Mick in his book. Whether or not he has went beyond his book and apologized for his actions and behavior of grudgingly dislike of Mick Jagger is still unknown, only time will tell. Hopefully this will clear the air between Keith and Mick.

This may even be the first step to that 50 year anniversary tour that we have all been waiting for. Could there be an elusive announcement in the near future? This just might be the slammed door that has delayed the tour announcement and we all just might be running out for tickets in the coming months. Of course this is all speculation so for now we can only keep our fingers crossed.

Rolling Stones 50 Year Anniversary Book

What about the 50 year tour?

Rolling Stone fans are still waiting for that 50 year anniversary tour announcement, that announcement remains elusive. There is an upcoming 50 year anniversary announcement for a new book titled, The Rolling Stones: 50. The anniversary book will be released on July 12th, exactly 50 years after the Rolling Stones walked on stage for the first time in London at the Marquee Club.

This book certainly isn’t a tour, though in many ways it may offer more than a tour can give. Fans can cherish the Rolling Stones anniversary book for years to come. The book will contain select photographs, illustrations and Rolling Stones inspired text. Owning a copy of this book gives fans a historical account of the Rolling Stones from the early years up to present day.

So does this mean that there will be no Rolling Stones 50 year anniversary tour? I certainly hope that isn’t the case, yet there still isn’t a confirmed announcement. There are plenty of rumors here and there yet still nothing concrete.

It would certainly be a huge disappointment if a tour isn’t in the making and completely out of the Rolling Stones image. After all they are one of the most toured bands and one of the few that have actually managed to stay together for 50 years. They may be holding off to the last minute either as a publicity stunt or for some sort of sadistic pleasure, knowing that fans across world are waiting in torment for the official Rolling Stones 50 year anniversary tour announcement.

Mick Jagger sings Sweet Home Chicago with President Barrack Obama

Mick Jagger in the White House

Mick Jagger has had a full and exciting life centered on a musical career that many can only dream of. He has toured across the world and played at numerous music venues. On February 21st Mick Jagger was given a musical opportunity that few before him have had and that was to play at the White House, though he wasn’t with his usual band members.

Mick Jagger was teamed up with blues legend BB King, Buddy Guy, Keb Mo and Jeff Beck. Mick’s musical company didn’t stop there, in fact President Barrack Obama even took part in this music event. He only sang a few lines of Sweet Home Chicago, though he still sang. How many musicians have had a chance to sing beside a US president?

Mick Jagger took to the stage and looked and sounded as natural as he always has. He remained unnerved by his audience that was certainly unlike any audience he has ever played for in the past. That is a large part of what has taken him to the top, his musical talents combined with his steady flow of pure confidence. He played as well as he always has without missing a single beat, and yes Mick Jagger can still move in his famous Mick Jagger style. The 69 year old Rock n Roll icon showed the US president, the white staff house and the American public that he is as much of a musician today as he was the day he played his first show.

The Truth behind the Rolling Stone Toronto Concert for the Blind

Everyone has at least heard either first hand or by mere music history of the court order that caused the Rolling Stones to put on a two day benefit concert to raise money for the Canadian National Institute for the blind. It’s well known that the 2 day benefit resulted from an old Keith Richards heroin bust. In truth, the facts behind that bust have been played down.
This wasn’t just your typical heroin bust, with an amount that equated to personal use. According to a November 21, 1977 article in People Magazine Keith Richards had actually been busted with $4000 worth of heroin, keep in mind that’s 4000 1977 dollars, to give you an ideal a 30 pack count of Pampers diapers would only cost $2.19. Keith Richards was actually facing drug trafficking charges. Had Keith Richards been processed for that amount of heroin it could have very well ended his time with the Rolling Stones, a simple fact that could’ve changed his life forever.
Of course he certainly could’ve eventually been released and looked for another band. Even in the drug popular days of the 1970’s a heroin junky band member probably wasn’t considered the best choice to get your band to the top. In fact many bands have split up for less. It does lead you to wonder what the motives of Judge Lloyd Graburn were. Hopefully he found a way to provide a charity group with a large donation, if not  we can only assume misguiding ethics, whatever the reason the Canadian Institute for the Blind was helped and Keith Richards’s life was spared.

The Rolling Stones Urinals - Sexists? I Don't Think So

they're just really colorful, imaginative toilets

I’m sure by now you have stumbled across the article discussing the outrage of the Rolling Stones lip urinals. These articles have been the basis for a few questions regarding whether or not the urinals are sexist. Personally I think the articles do more harm than the urinals.

To begin with, they were done in fun. The red lips of the Rolling Stones are a classic connection to the Rolling Stones. The urinals are placed in a Rolling Stones memorabilia museum and are just part of music legend. Unfortunately not everyone sees it that way and several German women want them taken out.

The point here is that women can become disrespected. I’m a woman and I don’t really feel disrespected at least not by the Rolling Stones urinals. They are a connection to music history, a creative version of pop culture and really nothing else.

Since the original article came out there have been many articles that have questioned whether or not they are sexist. Most men in general are very careful to make sure that they aren’t being sexists and this article is causing men to question themselves again, through no fault of their own. Considering that men try their best, maybe they should just be given a break, let them enjoy their music memorabilia.

In my own way I find this entire ordeal to be embarrassing. Not the urinals, the reaction that the urinals received. It just makes woman sound like they’re once again screaming about not being treated fairly.


Q&A Request - Can you contact the Rolling Stones?

An answer to a recent request.

I was recently asked “if you can send original music to the Rolling Stones?” I thought I would address that question in this week’s posts. Unfortunately there’s not a direct way to contact the Rolling Stones, however I have found a few Alternatives on Mick Jaggers contact page found at Top Synergy.

The easiest option is to contact Mick Jaggers agent or publicist. When you contact them just include a brief mention of your purpose. In this case you can add that you have an original song that you would like to forward to the Rolling Stones. This may actually be an even better route, you never know they may hear what you have sent and get in touch with you. One thing to keep in mind is that it may take a while before you hear back so you’ll want to be patient.

Mick Jaggers agent is Alix Gucovsky with Special Artist Agency. You can make contact through mail at 9465 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 890 Beverly Hills, CA 90212. If you prefer to use a telephone to get more information or even make an appointment you can call 310-854-8100.

Visiting Micks page at Top Synergy will also provide you with the address and telephone number to his publicists. Considering that this is music based you’ll probably want to contact his agent opposed to his publicists.  His publicists would however be a good option for anyone in search of possible interviews or exclusives. Hopefully this information can be helpful.

Remember, if you have a question about the Rolling Stones or any Rolling Stones band member leave me a question and I’ll either answer it in the comments or I may choose to answer it through a follow-up posts.

Rolling Stones No Spare Parts Video - beyond the Expected


I just finished watching the Rolling Stones newest video No Spare Parts and am left in a whirlwind of thought. I can honestly say that there hasn’t ever been a music video that has left me at such a point of contemplation. Leave it to the Rolling Stones to be the ones that create a piece of work that lingers beyond the last musical note.

This new video is an artistic masterpiece that blends music and life into perfect harmony. It flashes scenes of the Rolling Stones in concert, the Rolling Stones on the road traveling and key news related images and headlines. At the end of the video it displays a single banner announcing, “The Rolling Stones are Back.”

That single statement following the surrealism of the video is almost a contrast. It’s obvious that this video was an announcement promoting the return of the Rolling Stones, though the feel of the video seems like so much more than an announcement.

The way that the individual scenes were intertwined together was more like flashbacks of their lives. It was similar to how you would imagine a person looking back at the amazing life they lived. It was almost as if instead of announcing their return they were actually saying “goodbye, we had an amazing life, remember us as we will remember you.” It’s actually an announcement of their return, so it’s obvious that they weren’t saying goodbye. This video is thought provoking and even emotional to some degree, most of all its classic Rolling Stones.

Keith Richards Ages like the Rest of Us at Least in Theory

Eye Surgery may be connected with age, yet his high energy is connected with youth

Keith Richards was back to receive treatment again, though this time it had nothing to do with his often borderline drug induced crazy lifestyle and everything to do with typical aging ailments. That’s right, Keith Richards is aging like everyone else. He recently had laser surgery to correct his vision problems.

The surgery took place in London before the Christmas holiday and Keith Richards has had a great recovery yet initially had to wear an eye patch, standard for laser eye surgery recovery.  All in all, Keith Richards has pulled through another medical treatment and has come out on top. There has yet to be anything that can keep this man down.

Keith has lived a life that would’ve killed most of us. He has had more drugs in his system than most people can even imagine, in which he fought a long and hard battle to overcome. He recently turned 68 years old, an old man to any standards yet he continues to run around full of energy as if he were a young man of 20 or 30.

In his own way he’s an inspiration. Maybe not in his younger days, however many including myself can only hope to have his energy as we enter the final stage of our lives. Most rock stars are beat up by the time they hit 68, if they’re even around by that time. We may never know how Keith managed to pull it off, what is known is that the mere fact of his existence proves that life doesn’t have to end in a rocking chair.

Keith Richards Blood Myth Busted

The mind of Keith Richards is what always led him to drugs not his blood

One of the strangest Rolling Stones myths is that of Keith Richards replacing his blood to kick his old Heroin habit once and for all. I’m not sure what’s stranger the actual myth or the fact that people believed it. I’m here to say once and for all the myth is just that a myth, it’s 100% false.

First off let me just start by saying, really? Really guys? I mean come on, I really love chocolate and there have been times that I’m not proud of where I indulged in my chocolate a bit too much. I’m certain that replacing my blood wouldn’t take away my desire for chocolate no more than it would have taken away Keith Richards desire for his old friend H.

Keith Richards lived a hard life of drug addiction. It is that very life of drug addiction that led Keith Richards to being incapable of touring and in need of outside of the box medical care. This later led to the blood draining myth of Keith Richards. Keith had received a blood based treatment process. Though it wasn’t quite what the myth suggests.

In actuality, the treatment passed Keith’s blood through a pump and separated the toxins from his blood that were then diffused through dialysis fluid. This didn’t make Keith suddenly drug addiction free, it simply removed his toxins so that he could complete his tour. This was conducted in 1973 and as we know, Keith went on to indulge in many drugs beyond the year 1973, in fact the the Keith Richards photo chosen was taken in 1978 and he kind of looks beyond high to me.

This myth is officially busted.

Rolling Stone Album Art

My top three picks

The Rolling Stones like many other rock bands have created numerous albums. I have always believe that in addition to great music and the ability to just rock it, the artistic thought that goes in to the album art is an important aspect of album popularity. If the album looks boring or stupid it probably won’t be bought and never be heard by many people that should be part of the target audience, so for this post I’m going to share with you my favorite Rolling Stone album covers.

The album cover to the Beggars Banquet is absolutely great. There’s something about a graffiti covered bathroom stall that just screams rock show. Even beyond that is the raunchiness of the bathroom stall that they chose. Many people included myself would’ve walked out of the way to avoid that stall for fear of incurable disease covered germs.

I came across the original album cover to goats head soup which is both interesting and colorful. I especially like that this album cover was replaced and therefore makes the original rare. Considering the time of 1973 when this album would have been released, I can only assume the cover had to be released due to animal endangerment issues or Satanism. Kind of strange I know but then hey it was the seventies, go figure.

I just had to add the album cover for the Rolling Stone Live Licks album. It’s just really kind of funny and attention grabbing all at the same time. If you can grab attention and make people laugh at the same time I’m certain that an upcoming sale is in the near future, the hot cartoon girl probably doesn’t hurt either.